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Medical Device Establishment Licence: 14494

Stepping Up

Hygia Health stepped up to the challenge of COVID-19 by increasing manufacturing capacity in Ontario for large quantities of low-cost, high-quality disposable face masks. You can step up too by wearing one of our premium masks.

Our Masks

Our premium disposable face masks are made from North America's best-sourced materials. They are designed for medical and non-medical uses to reduce the spread of harmful viruses like COVID-19.

The product is composed of three pieces: a mask body, nose clip and mask belt. The mask body - the face covering and protective portion of the mask - is a 3-ply structure made up of non-woven fabric (outer layer), melt-blown fabric (middle layer) and non-woven fabric (inner layer).

About Hygia Health

Hygia Health is a Canadian owned and operated energetic start-up based in Bolton Ontario that has stepped up to fill urgent demands for local, high-quality face masks in response to the COVID-19 pandemic in Canada. 

Hygia Health is a proud partner of PIA Automation. PIA is an industry-leading developer of manufacturing technologies. Learn more about our other industry partners below.

PIA Disposable Masks

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